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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Tri-Color Carrot Salad

I have recently discovered maroon and yellow carrots. After giving both of these carrots a try I can say that maroon carrots are my favorite out of the two, though the yellow carrots are not bad at all. I have to say that I prefer maroon carrots to the regular orange ones. 

Now I am no expert here but it seems to me like maroon carrots are a hybrid of orange carrots and beets. Maroon carrots are the color of beets and the inside is partly orange just like a regular orange carrot. I also seem to taste a slight beet flavor, but maybe that's just me. 

Since I love carrots I decided to mix these three types of carrots together and create a carrot salad. I washed and peeled one of each type of carrot and shredded it using a food processor. It is much faster than using a manual shredder. Then I added some salt, Hellmann's mayonnaise, and grated Parmesan cheese. I mixed everything and sprinkled with some dried parsley. The salad was so delicious that I ate a huge bowl! 

It's definitely something different. I think I prefer this salad to the carrot salad with raisins that I make. The individual flavor of each of the different types of carrots really blends well together for a rich, tasty flavor. 

Give this tri-color carrot salad a try sometime if you are able to find yellow and maroon carrots anywhere. I have discovered that those types of carrots are rare to find in supermarkets or fruit and vegetable stores :(. I got both of these at a local farmer's market. If you have those in your area they are your best bet for finding these types of carrots. 

Now I haven't tried this yet but I am thinking of adding sweet pea shoots to this salad. I've made them with just orange carrots before and the taste was very good. Of course I didn't use mayonnaise in that salad but I think it doesn't matter. Sweet pea shoots can only add to the flavor of the dish.

tri-color carrot salad

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