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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Instead of just having a cup of coffee and a bagel or a bowl of cereal try these great tasting breakfast recipes.  Here you will find blintzes, syrniki, farina, egg dishes, sandwiches, and more... Enjoy!


Apple Blintzes With Clover Honey -  Get Recipe Here
Farmer Cheese Blintzes With Sour Cream - Get Recipe Here
Farina (Creamy Hot Wheat Cereal) With Dried Berries
Get Recipe Here
Apples With Blue Cheese Recipe - Get Recipe Here
Farmer Cheese With Apples - Get Recipe Here
Freshly Baked Pastry With Farmer Cheese, Apple Filling
Get Recipe Here
Freshly Baked Pastry Roll With Farmer Cheese, Apple Filling
Get Recipe Here
Pureed Raspberries - Get Recipe Here
Kiwi, Strawberry Banana Smoothie


Leek Omelet With Salami On Toast - Get Recipe Here
Leek Omelet - Get Recipe Here
Avocado, Crepes, Salami, Dried Cranberries Omelet
Get Recipe Here
Omelet With Bok Choy In Teriyaki Sauce - Get Recipe Here
Avocado Omelet With Dried Cranberries - Get Recipe Here
Avocado Omelet With Dried Cranberries And Gorgonzola Cheese
Eggs Sunny Side Up With Salami Slices
Quail Eggs Sunny Side Up
Sweet Bell Pepper Quail Egg Omelet With Fried Mortadella,
Corn Bread, 
Corn Bread, Quail Egg Omelet, Fried Mortadella,
Hearts Of Palm
Avocado Omelet With Gorgonzola Cheese, Ukrainian Salo,
Kumato Tomatoes
Eggs Sunny Side Up, Bacon, Peppers In Olive Oil
Omelet - Pearl Onion, Salami, Parmesan Grano Padano
Cheese, Jumbo Egg, 
Roasted Sesame Seeds, Dried Basil
Omelet with long light green peppers, duck bacon
and pickles on the side


Greek Caviar Spread On Toasted Bagel - Get Recipe Here
Baba Gonoush Sandwich With Alfalfa Sprouts
Get Recipe Here
Salami, Tomato, Cheese,On Rye Bread Sandwich With
And Hard Boiled Egg Recipe - Get Recipe Here
Salami, Kumato Tomato, Melted Cheese Sandwich With
Basil Pesto And Fresh Basil Leaves On Multi-Grain Bread
Tuna Salad On Multi-Grain Bread With Olives On The Side

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