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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Freshly Baked Pastry with Farmer Cheese, Apple Filling

I hate cakes, mousses, puddings, and other such desserts. When it comes to danishes, pies, tarts, turnovers and such baked treats, I am a fan. I love eating them for breakfast with a cup of coffee or a cup of chamomile tea. And I enjoy eating them for supper as well with a chilled cup of kefir or a glass of goat milk.

I have always wanted to try baking pastries but have never done it before. This time around I decided to give it a try. I have yet to master rolling the dough into a perfect shape but  I am sure with practice I will get there. The taste is more important anyway.

Making and baking the pastry was easy to make and it tasted delicious. I made the pastry similar to a turnover using the same filling that I use to make blintzes - farmer cheese, apple, and cinnamon. I also drizzled some clover honey on top of the pastry when it was done baking. The baking took about 30 minutes though I think the roll pastry took just a little bit longer to be done.

I made the pastry in two different shape varieties. One was a long rectangular shaped pastry with thin pieces of dough on the top and the bottom. Another was a roll. This one had thicker dough and was much smaller in size than the rectangular one. Both had the same farmer cheese, apple, cinnamon filling. I have to say that I prefer the rectangular pastry more because I am not a fan of too much dough. Pastries taste that much better when the dough is thin. Same goes for pizzas in my opinion.

Rectangular-shaped pastry with farmer cheese, apple,
cinnamon filling

Pastry roll with farmer cheese, apple, cinnamon filling

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