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A bowl of soup really goes a long way. Even when it is hot outside you can still enjoy a bowl of delicious soup. There are plenty of soups that can be eaten chilled or slightly warm. Check out these delicious and hearty soup recipes that are sure to satisfy your cravings any day of the week.  They include hot and cold soups... Enjoy!

Chilled Artichoke Soup - Get Recipe Here
Miso Soup - Get Recipe Here
Mushroom Soup With Ox Tail - Get Recipe Here
Solyanka - Get Recipe Here
Cold Borscht - Get Recipe Here
Chicken Bouillon - Get Recipe Here
Cabbage Soup - Get Recipe Here
Potato And Bacon Soup With Tri-Color Farfalle & Vegetables
Get Recipe Here
Tomato Carrot Soup With Basmati Rice - Get Recipe Here
Vietnamese Style Beef Soup - Get Recipe Here

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