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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Many Uses and Recipes of Quail Eggs...

Ever since I tried quail eggs I have been hooked and now prefer them to chicken eggs. I enjoy eating quail eggs hard boiled, sunny side up, and as an omelet. There are so many recipes you can create with quail eggs. Below are photos of a few of them that I've been making.

Quail egg omelet with baby  bell peppers and white
onion. Slices of corn bread and mortadella and mixed
olives on side.

Slices of fried mortadella, hearts of palm, quail egg
omelet strips -all sprinkled with dried basil -
and corn bread garnished with avocado on top.

Quail egg omelet with boy choy in teriyaki sauce.

Quail egg omelet with scallion or chebolita onions and
oyster mushrooms on the side. Garnished with
hearts of palm.
Quail eggs sunny side up

I have yet to try quail eggs soft boiled. I am tempted to do so but not sure how I will manage eating them when they are so small. No spoon will fit inside it.

I know that you need to consume many quail eggs to equate to one chicken egg. I have been eating three quail eggs at a time. Perhaps that is not enough to equate to one chicken egg but that doesn't matter. I believe I still get enough nutrients from these eggs so that's good.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Sesame Chicken Dishes at Chinese Restaurants

After having some fun ice skating at Manhattan's Bryant Park I decided to grab a bite to eat. I was in the mood for Chinese food and went to a restaurant that was very close to Bryant Park. The restaurant is called China Sun and is located on 39th Street and 6th Avenue. 

This was my second time going to this restaurant and I chose to order the same thing as last time - corn egg drop soup and crispy sesame chicken. Both were delicious and I really enjoyed my meal. The decor was nice as well and the service was very good, which made my dining experience a pleasant one. I would definitely recommend this place to others. Granted I was the only customer in the restaurant this time around but it made no difference to me. I knew the place was good, having been there before, and it didn't matter to me if I was the only one there.  

After enjoying my sesame chicken dish at this restaurant and knowing how good it tastes I became a big critic of this dish and started comparing it to the same dish served in other restaurants. Having ordered the same sesame chicken dish at a restaurant in Brooklyn (Kung Fu on Bath Avenue near 20th Avenue) I became very disappointed when it tasted nothing like the one in China Sun. It wasn't that good and I didn't enjoy it one bit. Granted the dish wasn't called crispy sesame chicken but simply sesame chicken and maybe that was the reason it wasn't that good, but the sauce was different too - not as good as in China Sun. Who would have thought that sesame chicken dishes would taste that much different depending on the restaurant and the borough where the restaurant was located? But it's true.