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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Avocados - Health Benefits and Recipes

Avocados are not just delicious but they are also healthy and beneficial for our bodies. It is a great idea to include avocados in our diet. That is what I do. 

I always eat avocados and I never get tired of them. Sometimes I eat avocados on the side to go along with sandwiches or the main entrees. Sometimes, I use them in salads, or better yet in omelets. Omelets taste that much better with avocados in them and so do salads for that matter.

There are different avocados out there. I prefer the Hass avocados but I've consumed other brands like it and they weren't bad at all. I have been tempted to try the Florida avocados for quite a while now but have never actually done it yet. Those are huge and are always hard as a rock. Probably that is why I've never tried them. But I should. I'll buy one the next time I am at the supermarket.

To find out about the health benefits of avocados along with recipes and recipe ideas click here. Enjoy!

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