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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Fishing for Trout...

This weekend I went to Pocono Pines, Pennsylvania to spend some time in the woods and sit by the lake with family and friends... I enjoyed my time there. The view is breathtakingly beautiful and the air is fresh. It was a bit hot though but nothing could be done about that. I had to make do with it. 

It was nice to enjoy some barbecue outdoors in the woods. One day we had grilled meat and another day we had grilled fish (trout), which I and our family friends caught together. Last time I fished was when I was a little kid so it was a fun experience. We didn't go fishing in a lake. We went some place where you rent fishing equipment and you fish in the pond using either worms or play dough like bait (which is what we used) and then have the fish cleaned for you before taking it home. It was a bit hot that day but there were plenty of trees so we got to fish in the shade. I think I caught about five trout. I didn't master throwing the fishing rod but I got the hang of actually catching the fish and getting it out of the water. It was a great experience and one I will never forget.

All in all we caught thirteen trout and grilled most of it in aluminum foil with salt, lemon and fresh dill. It turned out really good. I decided to bake the remaining three trout in the oven.  I salted the trout then smothered it with mayo all over and added some sliced onions inside. Then I added sliced onions and oil onto an aluminum cooking tray, placed the trout on top, sprinkled some dried parsley flakes on the fish and popped it in the oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 25 minutes. My dinner was complete. 

Since the fish has bones in it I prefer to eat it by itself but what goes great with the trout is roasted or fried potatoes or sauteed veggies. So I do that before eating the fish.

Baked Trout

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