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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Making Homemade Pizza

I never thought I'd be making homemade pizza because I thought it was a very complicated process and that it involved making my own pizza dough that I didn't know how to do as I had never done it before. After my uncle told me about the pizza that he made at home, how delicious it was, and how easy it was to make I decided to make one myself using some of my favorite ingredients - Crimini mushrooms, apple smoked bacon, marinated artichokes, mixed olives, and four cheeses (Mozzarella, Monterey Jack, Cheddar, Parmesan). 

Turns out I didn't have to make my own pizza dough. It is actually sold in supermarkets. All I have to do is buy it, defrost it (if frozen), place it onto a large cutting board, and roll it with a rolling pin. Then I have to pop it into the oven for about ten minutes, take it out, add the ingredients, and pop it back into the oven for about fourteen minutes or so. And the pizza is done!

Making my own pizza was certainly an interesting experience. Even though I didn't have to make my own pizza dough I still had to roll it. I had never done it before so this step of the recipe was a bit time consuming. I wanted the dough thin and in a perfect rectangular shape. Getting it to be that way was a challenge because it never came out quite the perfect shape so I gave up on that. The ingredients of the pizza and the taste of it after it's been cooked is more important than having the perfect shape after all.  

It was also a challenge when it came to transferring the pizza dough from the cutting board to the aluminum tray. My uncle had suggested I first roll it onto the rolling pin and then unroll it onto the tray. When doing so I forgot to spread flour on the rolling pin, so the dough got stuck to itself and to the pin and I couldn't unroll it. I had to tear it to pieces just to get it off the rolling pin and then I had to start rolling the dough from scratch to get it thin and as close to a rectangular shape as I could get. When I finished that I decided not to bother with the rolling pin again and just transferred the dough by hand. For me it was much easier to do, and it actually worked without me having to do it all over again.

Working with the dough took a bit of time and was a bit frustrating for me. But this was my first time working with dough so it was definitely a learning experience and I don't regret deciding to make my own pizza because in the end it turned out great. 

The pizza tasted so good that I ate most of it myself. I just couldn't stop. I would have ate the whole thing had I not become full. It was that good. And I have to say it was way better than the slice of pizza I had at a pizza restaurant recently. Goes to show that homemade pizza can actually taste better than pizza bought elsewhere, especially since it is fresh and the ingredients are fresh and "real". Nothing artificial added. No added flavorings. Just "real" ingredients and a lot of love. 

Homemade pizza with tomato paste, mixed olives,
marinated artichokes, Crimini mushrooms,
apple smoked bacon, and four cheeses
(Mozzarella, Monterey Jack,
Cheddar, Parmesan)

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Happy cooking and happy eating everyone!


  1. Sounds amazing, both the making of and the finished product. I hope you enjoy many more pizzas in the future!

  2. Thank you for your comments Nicola. I never thought about making my own pizza until my uncle told me he made one. Now I'll be making pizza again for sure. Mom told me the pizza was one of the best ones she's ever tasted.